After the Windows XP mmc.exe download, the clients have reported that they are getting innumerable issues on their system. Some have reported that their PC has become slow and they are not being able to complete their respective tasks. Thus if you want to get back the normal functional quality of the system then you have to take certain actions to remove them.

Barbara Whiteaker is a client from Missouri who has reported about getting Problem Event Name: BEX64 Application Name: EXPlorer.EXE. This is the most irritating problem and needs to be resolved early. The faster you can remove the issues the better it will be for improving the overall functions of the system. Barbara has complained that the computer was turning black every time she was opening it. This is creating a great problem and she was not being able to carry out certain important tasks.

Error in mmcbase.DLL when launching Administrative Tools is another error message which is encountered very often by Jean Michel Perrault of Quebec. This person was really getting worried as she was not being able to do any work. The moment Jean was trying to start the system this error message pop up is showing again and again. This is really an irritating issue and it is important to take certain actions to remove them. The PC will get slower if the error messages are not removed early.

The clients who have eXPerienced this problem were desperately looking for the solution for fixing the Windows XP mmc download issues. It is always better to use a professional tools rather than using an online tool. These online tools will only provide you a temporary solution. But to get a permanent solution you need to use a professional one like the mmc.exe repair tool.