appcrash spoolsv.exe ntdll.dll

Spoolsv exe and ntdll dll appcrash can start to appear in computer when the files are damaged. The files are located at the C drive or in the system sub folder. The files are an essential part of the operating system and when they are damaged it has to be fixed as soon as possible. Download and install Spoolsv fix tool in the PC for fixing the errors. This tool has fixed the errors that are mentioned below. The tool had worked in Windows XP and in Windows 8.1 operating system. This tool can also fix errors like Spoolsv .exe and ntdll dll appcrash. Check the problems below in this article and download it for similar problems.

Windows Print Spooler Service had stopped working in the PC. The PC was running on Windows XP operating system and the error was on the exe file. HP OfficeJet 6500A printer could not complete scanning, printing. To connect the device an error code 1722 popped up on the screen. Service Control Manager too had stopped working in the PC. At the application error log, event id was 1000. System file checker scan did not find anything in the computer. At the application error log event id was 1000.

Runtime Spoolsv.exe error had started to appear on the screen. This was running on Windows 8.1 64 bits operating system and error has started after upgrading OS. It was upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bits operating system. The error message was Print spooler service had stopped working. Safe mode booting could not help for fixing the error. The message that appeared to connect printer was, ‘Runtime Error! Program C \ Windows \ System 32 \ Spoolsv.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way’.

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March against sexual harassment

For the purpose of protesting sexual harassment a gathering was formed by a few hundred women, men and children among the sex shops and tourists traps of Hollywood. The people were armed with signs and catchy phrases with the intention of taking the #MeToo campaign beyond the internet. The people gathered near the entrance of the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards takes place. The crowd shouted a few slogans and one man was seen wearing a t-shirt showing that ‘Whiskey made me do it’. Some of the people came with friends and families and the age group ranged from 4 to 68. The crowd walked about a mile to the corner of Sunset Boulevard where a podium has been set up for the rally of ‘Take back the Workplace’.

According to the TV journalist, Lauren Sivan, this is the correct time for re-ordering the power. Sivan had accused Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. According to her there is a need for the daughters and sons to be able to go to workplace and never have the need to conduct a meeting with someone in bathrobe. Even though not many celebrities joined the crowd, but they showed support over the internet.

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Two navigation satellites launched by China

To fight US-based GPS rival with a network amounting over 30 million constellation, China has taken another step ahead in the progressive field in building its own positioning network. It has successfully launched two navigation satellites on 6th November. These two can be counted as representations of the third phase of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. Further, it could be regarded as a great achievement of the country.

The BeiDou 3 Satellites have been launched in Long March-3B carrier rocket. It has taken place from last night from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center situated in the southern province of Sichuan as has been reported by Xinhua news agency.

If China could proceed according to their plan, then they will be in the third position placed after US and Russia that would operate its own Global Positioning System or GPS.

The root of BeiDou project dates back to the year 1994 which stands for a Chinese terminology for plough or the Big Dipper constellation. The project began to take its actual form in 2000 in China and in the 2012 in the Asia-Pacific region.

As per words of chief designer of the BeiDou system, Yang Changfeng “New technology has significantly improved the performance of the BeiDou-3, with the signal accuracy in space higher than half a meter while its positioning accuracy has reached 2.5 to five meters.”

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Missing chopper found

A Russian chopper that went missing on Thursday, has been found. The Mil Mi-8 chopper was carrying three scientists and 5 crew members while it was flying to Barentsburg from Pyramiden. Barentsburg was a former mining community in Svalbard which has now become a tourist site. The helicopter has been found by the Norwegian rescue crews from the cost of Norway’s Svalbard and all the eight Russians on board are presumed to be dead. The chopper had gone down two or three kilometers from Barentsburg. The position of the helicopter is located at the depth of 209 meters in the northeast of Heerodden.

According to the rescue service, the search is now concluded and they have moved into the search phase of finding those who are presumably dead. The area has been searched by a Danish aircraft, a sea patrol plane and two Norwegian helicopters since Thursday. No contact could be made with the chopper even before it went missing. A small robot submarine located the wreck after proper investigation of an area where bubbles and oil patches were seen. It is still not known as to why the crashed occurred. According to the Russia’s consul general in Svalbard, the helicopter is owned by a coal mining company and it was being used by regularly to fly miners.

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Vaping and Smoking: Same Effects?

The world is becoming health conscious day by day. There are lots of campaigning against smoking nowadays, in several countries. These are helpful enough to make people conscious about the ill effect of smoking. Whenever we talk about cigarette we come up with the bad effects of nicotine which can cause lung diseases and even cancer, but we are unaware of the alternatives, which actually have close impact on our body like smoking.

We suggest people to go for vaping to quit smoking, but what’s the use when the same is injurious too? There are lots of tools as well which are used for vaping, but do you know it can lead in serious lung injuries like smoking? The recent study has shown that there is a significant increase of Neutrophil granulocyte and neutrophil-extracellular-trap in their bodies. The research has been made by American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care who has challenged the notion that e-cigarettes are healthier than inhaling nicotine directly. This proven that the e-cigarettes increases oxidative stress and decreases the innate defense mechanisms associated with the lungs.

Therefore, if you want to quit it, quit it thoroughly. There is no alternative and no healthier thing which is close to the activity of smoking. Stay healthy and stay fit!

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Stamp duty may be changed to inspire folks to make their homes more energy efficient

According to the Energy minister Claire Perry householders would face ‘carrots and sticks’ to prompt them into saving on heating bills and carbon productions. It is part of the arrangement by ministers to get about a million homes a year renewed for the next two periods. The government will flop to meet its climate change rules unless it can decrease emissions from heating houses. This offers are the part of the government’s long-delayed Clean Growth Plan.


A new report called for fundamental policies to incentivize home owners – such as fining people who sell cold, draughty homes or presenting a variable stamp duty to reward those who have shielded their homes and punish those who have not. The point of sale of a house is seen as the best time to assume developments that many people find costly and troublesome.


MS Perry told that she was interested in the idea of dropping stamp duty on properties that have been made energy efficient.


She described the idea as potentially “one of the incentives” to encourage homeowners into implementing energy-saving measures on their houses. She also added it is more likely that a home where lining has been put in would appeal a greater value, because the running cost of that home over the lifetime of ownership would be lesser.

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How to fix errors caused by the dxgkrnl.sys+5d134 file?

The dxgkrnl.sys+5d134 is one of those critical system files that are indispensable for running of Windows. Naturally, the file triggers off a lot of problems when it either gets corrupt or goes missing from the system.

Gaming Issues

Playing Planetside 2 and other similar types of games becomes an uphill task if you are using Windows 7 64 bits. The game starts off, but soon crashes out resulting in a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. This problem is generally caused by a malfunctioning graphics driver, which in turn results from a missing or corrupted dxgkrnl.sys+5d134 file.

Buzzing sound while playing games following upgrade

If you have upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, you may not be able to run various games properly. They run with a buzzing sound and occasionally stall. It also reports back that the graphic driver is either missing or not responding. Issues like this is caused when the system files are corrupted by a virus or malware.

How to solve the issues?

You can resolve these problems by using a fixing tool to download dxgkrnl.sys file.

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DLL error fixer

While starting up your Windows operating systems or any installed applications, you can experience following errors:

  • .dll file is missing from your computer.
  • blue screen of death.
  • high cpu memory usage.

Receiving these errors means there is problem your Windows system32 DLL files. If you don’t fix DLL errors immediately, you will get more severe system issues, such as regular system crashing.

To make DLL error free, you need to fix all DLL files. To do so, you need to install a DLL-files fixer into your Windows PC.

Click on the button below to download your DLL fixer.

This DLL fix tool supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, both 32 and 64 bits OS.

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