For the purpose of protesting sexual harassment a gathering was formed by a few hundred women, men and children among the sex shops and tourists traps of Hollywood. The people were armed with signs and catchy phrases with the intention of taking the #MeToo campaign beyond the internet. The people gathered near the entrance of the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards takes place. The crowd shouted a few slogans and one man was seen wearing a t-shirt showing that ‘Whiskey made me do it’. Some of the people came with friends and families and the age group ranged from 4 to 68. The crowd walked about a mile to the corner of Sunset Boulevard where a podium has been set up for the rally of ‘Take back the Workplace’.

According to the TV journalist, Lauren Sivan, this is the correct time for re-ordering the power. Sivan had accused Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. According to her there is a need for the daughters and sons to be able to go to workplace and never have the need to conduct a meeting with someone in bathrobe. Even though not many celebrities joined the crowd, but they showed support over the internet.