Some people have come across one error where the system had said that certain processes or dll files had not loaded correctly as there didn’t seem to be any disk in the drive. They were expected to insert the right disk on to the device, drive or hard disk.

While the message remains the same and describes a common system issue, the names of the processes will change. It is usually seen on those systems where a removable drive has been installed and configured to run as the C drive or when this disk drive does on have a disk on it where user have a tough time figuring out How to fix dwm.exe no disk error.

Occasionally it can be attributed to other reasons too – like one Windows 7 client had discovered. He could not understand How to fix one dwm.exe No Disk hard disk Error that had appeared right after he had the PC repaired. He had then installed a new copy of Windows probably to replace the previous one.

The system would boot up in the expected way but this error dialog box kept appearing although everything else on the computer had worked fine. It’s possible that there had to be a reason for replacing the OS and that some corrupted hardware was now creating this issue. This client had finally found out How to fix dwm exe no disk by first checking for malware, install a dwm.exe repair tool and then changing the Drive letter that had been assigned to this removable drive. It had to be done after he had set up an additional one and then rename it.

He had also used the check disk command to ensure that the hard disk was free of errors; this had to be done only on the root C drive and it will schedule a system start up task.