Where to find a winload.exe download? Winload is making it impossible to boot Windows. Is there a way to replace the file? Do these question sound familiar? Well that’s because winload is one of those files which is absolutely essential for running Windows. The file with .exe extension is called an executable driver file. Its function is to help start or load Windows in a computer. But the file is attacked by malware for that very reason. Corrupting the file allows the malware to stop Windows from loading.

So then the question arises as to what can fix the issues? Well there is no need to take drastic steps like Windows reinstallation. Nor is there any need for buying a new laptop with Windows preinstalled. These solutions are expensive and there is a much quicker fix. It starts with the removal of the malware and the infected file. A winload virus removal tool can help with that. Then a new copy of the file has to be downloaded and reinstalled. To find the right file and install it, a winload.exe fixer can be used. The tool will automatically reregister the file.

Let’s see an example to get a better understanding. Many have opted for the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7. Sometimes the upgrade is done after replacing the SSD in the device. But after Windows 10 has been installed it is seen that Windows keep failing to boot most times. The error code 0xc0000225 is seen with the message that the laptop is unable to find the file Windows \ system32 \ winload.exe.Now the winload file might have become infected or it might simply be corrupted. Windows is thus unable to run the file. In any case the solution lies in replacing the file. But finding the right winload .exe download can be difficult. The internet is fill of malicious files. As such the right tools can make life easier and fix the problem.