You are every time receiving error 0x24 on your Windows XP Sata boot drive. You often question that whether running Windows 7 chkdsk/f can damage a Windows XP drive’s files. Even when after cancelling the check disk process, on reboot again a message appears that says press any key to skip disk check. But after pressing num lock and escape key for several times, still you cannot repair the problem.

Are you annoyed with problems related to check disk, thinking to go free download of a new version? Then just wait, you may not know that getting a new version installed on PC to replace and repair the damaged or faulty version might lead to some other issues on your PC. It can make your system to run slow and even sometimes you can experience sudden shut down of your system. All such problems might be due to virus attack on your computer that resulted due to free download of check disk.

Every day you may face serious troubles on your operating systems, if this exe file gets damaged or not found in its specified file location. Often you get worried about such problems. The issues created due to this damaged file is restricting you from running scheduled tasks. You plan to throw your system at a corner of your house. Do you think that it can help you to get a permanent solution? So, what you will plan to get a new version downloaded on your machine or chose to go for a new PC? You are confused right.

Nothing to worry because if you are interested in solving different problems like chkdsk stopped working or file not found or how to skip chkdsk and other issues, get a smart chkdsk.exe fixer installed on computer. It will instantly help you to get rid of all such problems.