A Windows 7 computer had developed theses blue screen errors – for those of you who aren’t sure what these are – they are error message that happen when there are some hardware or system resources problems. The causes for them are very different and almost always require you to reinstall Windows all over again after you’ve fixed all hardware issues first.

This system here could still be used normally but this client was always being redirected to new temporary ID or user account. Under this new automated one, she could not access any of her data, information or programs and nothing would be saved once she had logged out of it.

The event logs had described these errors with an Event ID 55 and its source in the NTFS file. It had advised on using the chkdsk utility to scan the entire Hard Disk Volume 2 as it was unusable or corrupt.

Oddly enough, the Check Disk function would not work through the recovery options menu as these blue screen tcpip.sys errors had occurred and that the drive was in use too. This would also not run when the computer was being started too – it was eventually initiated through the command prompt but here this scan had its own error. It had said that an error was detected for one file 8566 on the index $I30 and that the ChkDsk could not continue in the read only mode.

There are two things causing the blue screen with tcpip sys error and can be fixed with a tcpip.sys file fixer- one where the user profile isn’t loaded correctly and the other started by the Bytemobile Optimization Client product. She had reinstalled this software first and then when to fix the new temporary profile that was created as the current profile was corrupted.