We wish Windows would be free of errors. But in truth that is not possible. But fixing the errors is what really frustrates us. This is especially true for older Windows versions like Windows XP. That is because Microsoft no longer offers support for the OS. But many of us have saved files like images, movies, games etc. in our PCs. So we can’t simply reinstall Windows. We definitely can’t buy a new computer or a new copy of Windows. That will also mean losing all the saved files. So what do we do?

Say we are running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 on or computers. We start seeing that Windows Movie Maker keeps failing to start properly. An error message pops up when we click on the Movie Maker icon. We see that it is a moviemaker.exe entry point not found error. The message states that the procedure entry point crtCreateSymbolicLinkW was not found in the dynamic link library msvcrt. Restarting Windows and then trying to restart the program gives the exact same error. We are left asking how to fix this Windows XP msvcrt.dll error. To do that we need to understand why the error is happening. Msvcrt is a dynamic link library file. That means it helps programs to run on Windows. It does that by helping the executable files of programs to run. Moviemaker.exe is the executable file for Windows Movie Maker. But msvcrt is corrupted. Thus moviemaker.exe is failing to get required data from the file. That’s stopping it from running. Thus the error.

We can fix this Windows XP msvcrt .dll errorby removing the corrupted file and installing a new one. An msvcrt dll fix tool can help to download and install the file automatically.

The same tool can help with msvcrt.dll errors if the file has been accidentally deleted. Windows programs will keep failing to run showing missing msvcrt file. Reinstalling the file is the quickest fix.