Month: November 2017

March against sexual harassment

For the purpose of protesting sexual harassment a gathering was formed by a few hundred women, men and children among the sex shops and tourists traps of Hollywood. The people were armed with signs and catchy phrases with the intention of taking the #MeToo campaign beyond the internet. The people gathered near the entrance of the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards takes place. The crowd shouted a few slogans and one man was seen wearing a t-shirt showing that ‘Whiskey made me do it’. Some of the people came with friends and families and the age group ranged from 4 to 68. The crowd walked about a mile to the corner of Sunset Boulevard where a podium has been set up for the rally of ‘Take back the Workplace’.

According to the TV journalist, Lauren Sivan, this is the correct time for re-ordering the power. Sivan had accused Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. According to her there is a need for the daughters and sons to be able to go to workplace and never have the need to conduct a meeting with someone in bathrobe. Even though not many celebrities joined the crowd, but they showed support over the internet.

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Two navigation satellites launched by China

To fight US-based GPS rival with a network amounting over 30 million constellation, China has taken another step ahead in the progressive field in building its own positioning network. It has successfully launched two navigation satellites on 6th November. These two can be counted as representations of the third phase of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. Further, it could be regarded as a great achievement of the country.

The BeiDou 3 Satellites have been launched in Long March-3B carrier rocket. It has taken place from last night from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center situated in the southern province of Sichuan as has been reported by Xinhua news agency.

If China could proceed according to their plan, then they will be in the third position placed after US and Russia that would operate its own Global Positioning System or GPS.

The root of BeiDou project dates back to the year 1994 which stands for a Chinese terminology for plough or the Big Dipper constellation. The project began to take its actual form in 2000 in China and in the 2012 in the Asia-Pacific region.

As per words of chief designer of the BeiDou system, Yang Changfeng “New technology has significantly improved the performance of the BeiDou-3, with the signal accuracy in space higher than half a meter while its positioning accuracy has reached 2.5 to five meters.”

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Missing chopper found

A Russian chopper that went missing on Thursday, has been found. The Mil Mi-8 chopper was carrying three scientists and 5 crew members while it was flying to Barentsburg from Pyramiden. Barentsburg was a former mining community in Svalbard which has now become a tourist site. The helicopter has been found by the Norwegian rescue crews from the cost of Norway’s Svalbard and all the eight Russians on board are presumed to be dead. The chopper had gone down two or three kilometers from Barentsburg. The position of the helicopter is located at the depth of 209 meters in the northeast of Heerodden.

According to the rescue service, the search is now concluded and they have moved into the search phase of finding those who are presumably dead. The area has been searched by a Danish aircraft, a sea patrol plane and two Norwegian helicopters since Thursday. No contact could be made with the chopper even before it went missing. A small robot submarine located the wreck after proper investigation of an area where bubbles and oil patches were seen. It is still not known as to why the crashed occurred. According to the Russia’s consul general in Svalbard, the helicopter is owned by a coal mining company and it was being used by regularly to fly miners.

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