Month: October 2017

Vaping and Smoking: Same Effects?

The world is becoming health conscious day by day. There are lots of campaigning against smoking nowadays, in several countries. These are helpful enough to make people conscious about the ill effect of smoking. Whenever we talk about cigarette we come up with the bad effects of nicotine which can cause lung diseases and even cancer, but we are unaware of the alternatives, which actually have close impact on our body like smoking.

We suggest people to go for vaping to quit smoking, but what’s the use when the same is injurious too? There are lots of tools as well which are used for vaping, but do you know it can lead in serious lung injuries like smoking? The recent study has shown that there is a significant increase of Neutrophil granulocyte and neutrophil-extracellular-trap in their bodies. The research has been made by American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care who has challenged the notion that e-cigarettes are healthier than inhaling nicotine directly. This proven that the e-cigarettes increases oxidative stress and decreases the innate defense mechanisms associated with the lungs.

Therefore, if you want to quit it, quit it thoroughly. There is no alternative and no healthier thing which is close to the activity of smoking. Stay healthy and stay fit!

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Stamp duty may be changed to inspire folks to make their homes more energy efficient

According to the Energy minister Claire Perry householders would face ‘carrots and sticks’ to prompt them into saving on heating bills and carbon productions. It is part of the arrangement by ministers to get about a million homes a year renewed for the next two periods. The government will flop to meet its climate change rules unless it can decrease emissions from heating houses. This offers are the part of the government’s long-delayed Clean Growth Plan.


A new report called for fundamental policies to incentivize home owners – such as fining people who sell cold, draughty homes or presenting a variable stamp duty to reward those who have shielded their homes and punish those who have not. The point of sale of a house is seen as the best time to assume developments that many people find costly and troublesome.


MS Perry told that she was interested in the idea of dropping stamp duty on properties that have been made energy efficient.


She described the idea as potentially “one of the incentives” to encourage homeowners into implementing energy-saving measures on their houses. She also added it is more likely that a home where lining has been put in would appeal a greater value, because the running cost of that home over the lifetime of ownership would be lesser.

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